Tales from the Nemesis: Part 1

Tales from the Nemesis: Part 1

The vastness of the endless void holds a myriad of secrets, not the least of which is the fate of the would-be explorers aboard the NEMESIS. Communication with the drifting vessel was lost not too long ago, with everything - and every one - presumed forever lost. What happened inside the derelict ship? Did anyone make it out? What even took place there?... In space, no one can hear you scream…

Come join us on the 28th of April as we strap on our mag-boots and walk in the shoes of the Nemesis crew. The intruders are lurking in the shadows, ready to tear into anyone they find inside this floating tin can. Will you be the crew that makes it back to Earth in mostly one piece?

Nemesis is a semi-cooperative game for up to 5 players, in which everyone takes the role of one of the crewmembers of the namesake vessel, in an attempt to fulfill whatever objective they were hired to achieve, or to pursue their own personal ambitions, in the madness inducing claustrophobic rooms and corridors inside the lost spacecraft. 

We advise anyone who wishes to join us to have at least watched a rules overview to be able to get started as soon as the event begins, as this is a long game and we don’t want to be stuck in the drifting ship into the wee hours of the night. 

This is the first Nemesis mission we will partake in, as during the next few board game events we will be coming face to face with all of the challenges the Nemesis universe has to offer. This time we will be taking on the original adversaries, the Intruders. We will have available the entire crew from the original (Soldier, Pilot, Captain, Scout, Scientist, Mechanic), as well as the “Aftermath” characters (Convict, Android, CEO, Bounty Hunter, Psychologist, Medic). Please note that we will not be using the “Cooperative”, “Aftermath”, “Epilogue” or “Research” gameplay variants for this playthrough, but we will be using the “Intruder Action Cards”. These will grant the first player to be eliminated the ability to carry on playing, but this time controlling the Intruders themselves, in an attempt to devour the rest of the crew. 

In future sessions we will be taking on the Voidseeders and the Carnomorphs, before getting inside the confines of the Lockdown station and all the horrors which lie within. 

For this event, on the 28th of April, you will also find tutorials for Unfathomable, with plenty more games available from the store’s library for you to try. If you want to participate in either the Unfathomable tutorials or the Nemesis playthroughs, please arrive on time (18:00) as these will take quite a while to play. Please note that there will be multiple copies of Nemesis available should you wish to participate, so there isn’t an issue with player count space. We do advise you to reserve a spot here the store ahead of time to make sure you can be accommodated regardless of the game you wish to play.

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