Our Christmas Gift to You!

Our Christmas Gift to You!

Christmas is nearly here and this year we are giving you a gift like none before it! 

We’re hosting a crazy special chaos sealed event like you’ve never seen before, and at a cost that you’ve also never seen before! (The Gatekeeper has been rendered powerless in this decision, and his inner Arturito has been thoroughly suppressed)

  • Format: Chaos Sealed
    • Each player receives 1 pack from each of the following:
      • Ikoria Draft Booster
      • Core 2021 Draft Booster
      • Zendikar Rising Set Booster
      • Strixhaven Set Booster
      • Kaldheim Set Booster
      • Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Set Booster
    • A sealed deck must be constructed from any cards opened in these packs.
  • Rounds & Max players:
    • 8 Players or less: 3 rounds
    • 9-16 Players: 4 rounds
    • 17-18 Players: 5 rounds
    • Maximum number of players for this event is 18, so make sure to pre-book your tickets as soon as possible.
  • Entry Fee: 15
    • Yes, that’s right. 15 and you’ll get 6 packs, some of which are set boosters.
    • No, the Gatekeeper is not pleased.
    • Yes, you can make fun of him for his Arturito way of thinking.
    • No, the Gatekeeper will not go to jail for this (maybe).
  • Start Time: 11:20am
    • It is Christmas Eve and pretty much everyone has things to do other than nerd out with a bunch of cardboard, so a STRICT time frame of 50minutes per round is to be upheld.
    • The 5 extra round rule applies for this event with a maximum allowed additional time to complete them set to 5 minutes. The current game will count as a draw if it does not conclude by this time.
    • You will have 30 minutes to open your packs and construct your deck.
    • We are not messing around with the time frame for this one. Both the organizers and the Gatekeeper are on a tight schedule on this day, so please play at a reasonable pace, take breaks only if there is time to and in general respect the timer. 
  • Prizes:
    • Because the above was not enough, we’re adding even more value to this event!
    • We’re giving out to a random participant a Spellbook Chandra or Gideon (for 15 players or less). If there are 16 players or more, we’re giving away an Unsanctioned box set instead!
    • One booster per participant is added to the prize pool from the aforementioned sets. Higher position players have priority in picking what set they’d like boosters from.
    • Double league points. This is the final event of the year, but not the final event of the season. The perfect opportunity to earn a surge of league points to try and overtake our National Champion, and get some extra prizes along the way.
    • 1 Inkmoth Nexus Promo given to the player in first place.
    • 1 Foil Promo Pack to second place.
    • 1 Non-Foil Promo Pack to 2nd and 3rd place. 

And that’s it! From all of us here at team Isengard, we want to wish you a great holiday season and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the store!  

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