MtG Nationals 2022

MtG Nationals 2022

That’s right. It’s that time of the year for our annual Cyprus National Championship event! Last year’s champion managed to retain their title for the entire year, despite the close calls during some seasons. Will you be the next one to claim the title? Join us for a dual format all-day tournament on the 22nd of October and put your spell slinging spells against the best Cyprus has to offer.


  • Dual format event. Three rounds of Dominaria United draft & 3 rounds of Modern, followed by a cut to top 8 single elimination.
  • Date & Time: Saturday, 22nd of October 2022. Draft begins at 11:30am sharp.
  • Entry Fee: 30eu

The draft portion of the tournament will be strictly timed. Each pick will have a certain number of seconds allocated to it, as you can see here, along with strict time allocation for pick reviewing in-between packs. There will be a 35-minute deckbuilding and deck registration period.

After the first three rounds of the draft, there will be a 30 minute break. The constructed portion of the tournament will follow. 

The constructed portion of the tournament is Modern. You must submit a decklist to the judge when you register for the event. 

After all swiss rounds are concluded, the top 8 ranked players will compete in single elimination through quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals, before the champion is crowned.


It wouldn’t be nationals without a prize pool to match! This year, we estimate a total of over 100 boosters to be given to participants! All finishes receive prizes! The top 8 will additionally receive a foil promo Fateful Absence, with the winner receiving a foil promo Atushi, the Blazing Sky.

All other participants receive a promo Consider. If that isn’t enough, the gatekeeper will be randomly awarding the following to lucky participants throughout the event.

  • Inkmoth Nexus promo
  • Foil Promo Packs
  • Regular Promo Packs
  • Random foil promos
  • Dominaria United Box Toppers
  • Spellbook Gideon box set
  • Spellbook Chandra box set
  • ...and more!!!

Everyone will be entered in the drawing for these regardless of finish. 

The Championship:

The winner of the tournament will be crowned the 2022 National champion. Just like last year, no one likes an inactive champion, so every season, the champion will have to defend their title! The player who surpasses the champion in points amassed during a given season has the opportunity to challenge the champion to a championship match. See last year’s announcement for all this entails, as well as all of the Championship perks.

The top 8 of the tournament will be recorded and posted on our website for everyone to view and enjoy after the conclusion of the event. 

We will have a judge present at the event, responsible for the integrity of all matches. If you have any concerns during a game, please raise your hand and call the judge. The event will be held at a Competitive REL so make sure you play as tightly as you can. Decklists will be required. All other important aspects as far as the judging of the event is concerned, will be communicated at the beginning of the event by our Judge and organizers.

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