MTG Events and you!

MTG Events and you!

By having a look in our past as a store, we determined a series of mistakes and inconsistencies that might drove players away from our events.
Is probably the easiest route to blame Wizards for the state of the game (ban hammer, product bombardment etc), but reflecting on our choices and modus operadi afew things must change.

Today we going to present the general notion of our restart and in the following days will break down this parts to clear things up.

Two tournament organizers are now fully responsible for organizing/prize structure etc
Mr. George Pericleous and Nicolas Lazarides have taken the lead and create a complete overhaul plan regarding the events creations.

As a general idea all events of the month will be now available in our event page which will be up and running in our website.
You will know first hand, which day is your favorite format by the 1st of each month.
All events will have a dedicated Facebook event page, created each week on Monday.

So you check the event calendar and pre-determine your schedule accordingly.


Next update we will break down the event structure and explain the new mechanics we prepare for you!

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