Look Mom, I'm on TV!

Look Mom, I'm on TV!

Store Recorded Matches are a new feature we’re introducing to certain events held at our store. If you see an event description with a “Recorded Match” label, or the following seal on the event image, then that means that you have a chance to have your match recorded, commentated and posted on our social media pages.

If the event we are referring to does not otherwise clarify which match will be recorded, then only the final match between the highest position players will be recorded. During higher level events, such as Game Day or Nationals, more matches might be recorded. If for any reason you do not wish for your match to be recorded, inform an organizer so they can change which match will be under the camera. 

If you are playing in a recorded match, you don’t have to do much else other than simply just play the game as you would normally. Event organizers are responsible for starting or stopping the recording. Simply make sure you keep your cards/deck/graveyard and any other important gameplay elements visible to the camera, by keeping them within the area designated by the organizers, so that everything that needs to, remains within the cameras’ field of view.

That is all for this brief announcement. We hope to see you soon slinging spells and taking names, both in person, and in instant-replay!

P.S: For old time’s sake, here is a gameplay video recorded some aeons ago between our very own Stephanos Michaelides and George Pericleous.

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