Isengard Miniature Painting Competition 2023

Isengard Miniature Painting Competition 2023

Our annual miniature painting competition is back and stronger than ever! We're pausing the weekly painting pledges, while we give everyone a chance to put their best work forward and showcase what they feel is their best mini of the year. 

Participation Categories:

There are 4 categories this time, each with its own first place prize of a €50 gift card!.

  • Category A: Single Figure Miniature (Heroes/HQ/Captains/Primarchs etc) 
  • Category B: Vehicle (Earth/Air/Water/Big Knights/Non Organic)
  • Category C: Team/Squad/Unit (Blood bowl teams/Kill team/Warcry Team/Necromunda Gang etc)
  • Category D: Monster –(Dragons, Angron, Organic)

How to participate:

  • Be a member of the Isengard Tabletop Wargaming Group: 
  • The miniatures need to belong to the Games Workshop/Forge World product line.
  • Contest will be active until January 30th 2024 . Winners will be announced early on February.
  • Painters need to post pictures of their work (until the 29th) within the Isengard Tabletop group, using the Hashtag #ISEN23 and good photographs results, minimum 10 for each entry. Close-ups will be appreciated.
  • Your first photo of each entry needs to be escorted with our entry label. You can download it here. Simply print and fill our for each model. This must only be visible in the first photo of your entry.]
  • Judges will be looking for creativity, color schemes, color patterns, dynamic poses and clean Paint jobs.
  • Customizations with GW bits are encouraged but they are not necessary.
  • No dioramas
  • Each artist can enter all four categories but the same model can only be entered once.
  • If you posted the model before in social media or any other type of platform, your entry will be void. So paint something new, paint something fresh. New paint always looks better in photos.
  • This paint contest is not only for established painters, is also for everyone willing to spend time and show in our community their paint skills.


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