Haven’t Had One of these in a While...

Haven’t Had One of these in a While...

Pre-Release for a new MtG set has not happened at our store in quite some time, and what a great opportunity to bring all of us spell-slinging duelists together for the D&D crossover set! 

Either if you’re a returning player or a newcomer to the scene of Magic: the Gathering, Pre-Release events have one goal; and that is to have fun! It’s the first time any of us gets a chance to crack open packs of the newest cards, and it’s one whole week before we can even buy actual packs from this set!

Permanent Effects:

So what can you expect from Pre-Release events? Here are some rapid fire points that will be true regardless of which Pre-Release event we’re talking about.

  • Entry Fee:  26 
  • Format: Sealed, best of 3, using the sets’ special Pre-Release kits.
  • Rounds:
    • 3 if there are 8 or fewer players
    • 4 if there are 9 or more players
  • Prizes: Prize support is the same as it is for our constructed events, but since it is Pre-Release, your loving organizers will be sure to sprinkle in plenty of extra goodies.
  • Pre-Release Kits:
    • These are only available during pre-release weekend to the players who will register to participate at a Pre-Release event. After the Pre-Release weekend, any leftovers will be available for purchase.
    • Each kit contains 6 draft booster packs from the set being released, one random foil date stamped promo card from the set and a d20. Additional materials may be provided depending on which set a kit is from, but check each set’s specific announcement for details.

Get Ready:

The above is the general structure for all Pre-Release events we will hold moving forward. For the Pre-Release and Release events happening on the 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th of July, for Forgotten Realms, we are adding the following to the prize pool:

  • 4 free entrance tickets to a Constructed FNM event of your choice.
    • Given to a random participant of each Pre-Release and Release event.
    • If you have won a free entrance ticket during this Pre-Release or Release, you are not eligible for another during another such event this season. 
    • One ticket given out per event. 
  • 1 Flusterstorm (3rd place) 1 Reliquary tower (4th place) 1 Realmwalker (5th place) added to the prize pool for both Pre-Release and Release events. 
  • This Pre-release kit contains the following:
    • 6 Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Draft Boosters
    • 1 Traditional foil rare or mythic rare from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms with a foil year stamp
    • 3 Traditional foil dungeon cards—one of each dungeon
    • 1 d20 with the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms expansion symbol imprint for all your dice-rolling needs
    • 1 Reusable deck box with divider
  • You can find the event on Facebook here.
  • You can register to participate here. Remember, there is a 16 person limit per event, so pre-register to ensure your place in any of these events.
  • More details about the Release Weekend will be announced soon.

In the next article we’ll be discussing a little bit about this specific pre-release, the new mechanics coming into this set and anything else you might need to know to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be for this exciting new set!

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