Changes are afoot...

Changes are afoot...

Your attention MtG players!!!

The store has re-opened its gates to our dear patrons for in-store events for some time now, and it is time to unveil some new and exciting changes and additions to the way you’ll be experiencing Magic at our store.

There are plenty of things we’d love to share with you about all of the new event types, extra rewards and intrigue being introduced to our MtG tournaments, so pay attention to the announcements that will be posted in the coming weeks on our facebook page and website.

Speaking of which, let’s jump right into this week’s announcement.

Our Website!

The launch of Isengard’s website has been a huge success, and as of today, you can visit the dedicated “Events” tab to see a complete schedule of in-store events, as well as links to reserve your entry to them without needing to worry about doing so in-person at the store. 

There, you will also find details for those events, about format, entry fee, time and more, as well as be able to view non-mtg related events that might entice you to pay us a visit. It’s not all MtG either. Have a look to find all of our events, no matter what your preferred method to geek out is; Board Game nights, Battleparties, RPG nights and more!!!

Returning to Glory!

Secondly, we are announcing the long-awaited return of two fan-favorite events. Game Day and Nationals. These events might have been discontinued by Wizards of the Coast* in the past, but we’re bringing them back baby! 

Game Day is an event held one month after each standard-legal set release and will be a standard constructed event with prizes that’ll bring a tear to your eye. You will find more information about Game Day events in an upcoming deep-dive announcement.

Nationals are back! Will you be crowned the country’s next MtG national champion? Put your name on top of the rest in a once-a-year, grueling double-format event, featuring draft and standard constructed, with a cut to top8. Featuring the largest prize pool out of any other event, this is the culmination of the year’s trials and tribulations, losses and victories. More details about the annual Nationals event will be shown in all their glory in a forthcoming announcement. 

A League of our Own!

And to round off this article, we are introducing something brand new to give you all the more reason to join us every week for your fix of MtG goodness. We are keeping all costs for entry the same across the board, but we are increasing the goodies you can get just by attending! Obviously those who prevail during individual events will earn greater prizes, so get to practicing your spell-slinging prowess. Everyone though will be participating in the brand-new Isengard MtG League, earning their way towards more and more loot! 

With each event you participate in, you earn points. Every time you reach a particular threshold of points, you earn a new level and get a reward. Simple as that, no if’s and’s or but’s. Earn some points, get prizes. Our event organizers are keeping close tabs on each of you and your performance, so if you’re wondering how close you are towards your next reward, just ask. 

At the beginning of each season, which is the release of a new standard-legal set, until the release of the next one, you will see an announcement in the group’s page with the rewards you will be receiving upon reaching a new level. Our event organizers keep track of your points and when you reach a new level, they will provide you with the reward corresponding to it. 

You will receive 3 points per match win, 1 point per match draw and 1 point simply for participating in an event

And as a final note, here is a sneak-peak at the Rewards for the Forgotten Realms set season:

  1. 1 Promo Card of your choosing from the stores’ special selection of prerelease foils and other more sought-after cards.

  2. 1 FNM Non-Foil Promo Pack of your choice.

  3. 1 Relic Creature Token & 1 Promo of your choice from the stores’ dedicated league promo folder.

  4. 1 Draft Booster from any standard-legal set in stock.

  5. 1 FNM Non-Foil Promo pack of your choice & 1 Promo of your choice from the stores’ dedicated league promo folder.

To reach each new level you need 14 points, which means the more wins you get during each event, the faster you’ll gain levels, the more free stuff you’ll get!
Until the next time we see you, may you always keep 7, your top-decks to be straight gasolina and your opponents dismayed at your every play!
*As the current state of competitive play is in a vague transition period, while WotC is figuring out what to do post-MPL, we will operate irrespective of their model until they have some solid information about how they wish to move forward with competitive, in-store play.
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