Board Game Day: 04/12/2021

Board Game Day: 04/12/2021

On the 4th of December, the store is hosting another Board Game open day to kick off the Holiday Season! Come by to play some amazing games, whether you are an experienced player or not. You can bring your own, play from one of the store’s collections, or participate in games others bring. 

You can reserve a spot by following this link:

Each participant receives a 10% board game and accessory discount for the duration of the event! 

Furthermore, we’d like to celebrate the release of the revised core set for Arkham Horror: the Card Game, by running a special play-through of a scenario with all who will dare bring forth their mightiest and most clever investigators. Even if you don’t have an investigator deck you can still participate, since the store will be able to provide a few decks. Just inform the Gatekeeper so that you may be reserved one (maximum of 6 decks can be provided). 

But you may be wandering, what forces of the mythos will we have to face? 



It’s a giant blob, and it’s eating everything!!!

All aspiring investigators will team up in Epic Multiplayer Mode to face off against the mighty Blob (that is still going to eat everything). 

There is no additional fee to participate in this event. You don’t need to bring anything to this event (the Blob would have eaten it anyway). All gaming components will be provided by the store. You are strongly encouraged to bring your own investigator deck (following the deck building rules below), and if you wish, you may bring a chaos bag and chaos tokens, resource tokens etc, to assist with the store's limited supply.

Investigator Decklist rules:

  • You can choose any investigator from any officially released Arkham Horror LCG product. (Lola players will be heavily criticised for their poor life choices - then eaten by the Blob)
    • Parallel Investigators are also allowed.
    • This table shows all legal investigators. If there is a link, that means that it's one of the decks can provide for this event. You can click to have a look at these decks right now. Please message the store if you wish to reserve a specific investigator deck.
Rolland Banks
“Skids” O’Toole
Agnes Baker
Lola Hayes
Rex Murphy
Jenny Barnes
“Ashcan” Pete
Minh Thi Phan
Sefina Rousseau
Akachi Onyele
William Yorick
Leo Anderson
Ursula Downs
Finn Edwards
Father Mateo
Calvin Wright
Carolyn Fern
Joe Diamond
Preston Fairmont
Diana Stanley
Rita Young
Tommy Muldoon
Marie Lambeau
Patrice Hathaway
Sister Mary
Amanda Sharpe
Trish Scarborough
Luke Robinson
Silas Marsh
Daniela Reyes
Norman Withers
Monterey Jack
Dexter Drake
Bob Jenkins
Nathaniel Cho
Harvey Walters
Lily Chen
Jacqueline Fine
  • You must follow all deck building requirements and restrictions as noted on the back of your investigators’ card.
  • You can include any cards from your collection in your deck, as long as the above is still followed.
    • Decks provided by the store have been constructed from multiple sets and have been optimized to be viable. You are free to look through your deck to familiarize yourself with it before the fight against the insatiable Blob begins.
    • Remember that you are allowed 2 copies of each card with a unique name in your deck.
    • Proxy cards are not allowed.
  • DO NOT include any Random Basic Weaknesses in your deck. They will be given to you to include in your deck at the beginning of the event. 
  • In order to keep all decks at a similar power level, all players can have a deck using up to 19 experience.
    • If your deck has more than 9 experience, you will also be given an additional Random Basic Weakness to add to it. 
    • Store provided decks will be built to the maximum of 19 Experience.

The following prizes will be randomly given out to some of the participants in the fight against the Blob, in hopes that it doesn’t eat them too!

  • 1 Set of custom location connecting arrows.
  • 2 Ultra Pro deckboxes

We look forward to seeing you all on the 4th of December for a very special day, filled with board games, fun and eldritch monstrosities from outer space!!!  

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