An eternal Ice Age

An eternal Ice Age

The time for Iysalnder to bring you all in line with her powerful taxing abilities is upon us, and despite the actual weather refusing to acknowledge that it's time to give up on being as hot as the Draconic heroes from the past couple of months, we are calling upon you to bring out your Insidious Chills and Frost Hexes in preparation for Iyslander's second showing as a featured hero for an Armory kit!

Flesh and Blood is progressing at an incredible rate! Classic Constructed has finally made its way into our humble community, and by all accounts, everyone is thrilled to now have the game’s premier format played in Armory events.

Across the world, national champions have been crowned and we are getting closer to the World Championship every single day! You can be sure we will have our eyes glued to the stream for the inaugural champion to be crowned in the triple-format, three-day event beginning on the 4th of November. We certainly hope that as our small community continues to grow, we too can be blessed with more high level events for the months and years to come.

For store news, we have now wrapped up our Dromai kit season and are swiftly proceeding with the Isylander #2 kit, starting this following Monday, the 17th of October, with a fast-paced Blitz event. Make sure to attend as many events as you can this season, as at the time when you least expect it, you might be under the camera for our first in-store gameplay recording match, to be featured for all to see! 

4 Ice Eternal extended art Rainbow foils will be given out from 5th to 2nd place during our armory events, and the winner will be receiving an especially fitting treatment to their Elemental Wizard weapon of choice, a Cold Foil Waning Moon. At the end of the season, which will be the 31st of October, an Ice Eternal playmat will also be given to the player with the most points acquired in the past season. 

Because the excitement never ends, a trickle of Dynasty spoilers has started coming through various content creators and social media. We have seen some brand new equipment, weapons and cards so far for many of the game’s classes. This set, coming out November 11th promises to really shake things up, with brand new cards for all classes of the game, as well as introducing a brand new class. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for us and our favorite heroes with this marvelous release. There is a special event tied with this expansions’ release, so keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming announcement. 

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