40k Escalation League Begins!

40k Escalation League Begins!

Escalation: Enceladus Prime

Welcome to Isengard’s Warhammer 40,000 Escalation League: Enceladus Prime, the campaign for the capital of the planet Enceladus in the Hasterion system! This campaign is a perfect opportunity for people who want to start Warhammer 40,000 as we will be starting with small armies and slowly growing them or for people looking to build and/or paint a new army. Each month you will need to play your allocated games at Isengard to further your faction's goals and have the chance to win awesome prizes at the campaign’s conclusion.

How will it work?

We will be starting small at the 500 point limit and increasing the points by 250 each game except for the first 2 weeks where both games will be run at 500 points. This will continue up to 2,000 points. After each week, the players will be gaining or losing territory in Enceladus Prime. At the end of the league, the player who has won the most territory will be declared the victor of the league. Players are encouraged to have fully painted armies beginning with the 2nd game. An award for the most consistently and well painted army will be given at the end of the league.

Each match in relation to the league must be played in store during any day where we are open until later on in the evening (Tuesdays, Fridays) or on Saturday mornings/noon when we don't have multiple events going on. We suggest you have your games on the dedicated tabletop wargaming day of the week, which is Friday. Each match you play for the league has a 5 entry fee, all going towards the prize support for the league (read further down for more information).

How do I Participate?

The first player's meeting to set up the campaign, sign up your armies and have all of your questions answered by the league organisers, wilpl be held on Friday, October 27th, and will begin at 18:30. All players interested in participating are strongly encouraged to attend so they may be informed of the inner workings of the league, specific rules partaining to how objectives will work, matchup pairing etc.You can even get some practice games in. From there onwards, simply pay attention to our events tab to see when we have planned escalation league Fridays, and keep in touch with the rest of the players and league organiser through the group chat which will be set up during the players' meeting.

This is the perfect opportunity to get into Warhammer 40k, starting out small and building up yoru forces, learning the game and your army as you go along.


The league will offer great prizes to all participants, and even more to the winners. We have secured an official Organized Play kit to hand out prizes throughout the league, with a trophy to the eventual winner. Furthermore, Winners in the painting category as well as the campaign's victor will receive gift cards for the store depending on the participation of the league. Full detaisl about who gets what will be published as soon as the escalation league begins.

The League:

Each of the uniquely named territories will give a certain buff in each battle to the person that controls them. These are:

  • Ulysses Sky Port: Pick 1 infantry unit from your army. That unit gains the Deep Strike ability.
  • ERCON Plasma Field: You start the game with 1 extra CP.
  • Administorum Depot: You can reroll 1 hit roll and 1 wound roll once per game.
  • Temple of the Martyrs: You can reroll 1 battleshock test and 1 save once per game.
  • Grand Palace: Pick D3 units from your army before deployment. They get Scout 3. If they already have the Scout ability, add 3” to a maximum of 9”.
  • Promethium Manufactora: During the first round all vehicle and mounted models from your army gain +2” to their movement.

For the first few weeks the campaign will be played using the Only War rules from the Warhammer 40,000 Core Rules.

Rosters must not exceed the point limits set for that round. Rosters must be expanded upon with 50% of the roster staying the same from one week to the next. I.e. If we are moving from 500 points to 750 points, at least 250 points of the roster must be the same as the previous round. 

For 500 point and 750 point games the map size used will be 30”x44”.

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