XH304 CVH01 Gostrodax Heavy Carrier

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

38.07mm x 118.76mm x 46.45mm

The Gostrodax Heavy Carrier is the primary fighter carrier for the Xyriat navy. While the Golulot Medium Carriers are more numerous, the majority of the fighter-craft (as opposed to drones) care carried aboard Gostrodaxes.

The Gostrodax, like the other modern Xyriat carriers, has powerful engines and defences to allow it to keep up with the rest of the fleet and provided additional support. The Gostrodax is armed with numerous point-defence particle beam turrets, several light torpedo turrets and two tractor beam arrays. It can carry up to three squadrons of fighters.

However, this comes at a cost – the Gostrodax has no long-range weapons at all and must rely almost entirely on other vessels or its fighters to protect it from capital ships which would otherwise out-manoeuvre it and destroy it from a safe distance.