XH303 SDN01 Kaxvyit Dreadnought

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

26.40mm x 117.30mm x 40.50mm

The Kaxvyit Superdreadnought has become a common sight in the last decade since its introduction. Coming in towards the end of the last development cycle and thus outfitted with the latest technology, the Kaxvyit has required no major upgrades to the current time, with only minor incremental improvements applied.

The Kaxvyit has the all the typical features of the Hegemony vessels: the large blue-white glowing dish at the front which serves as both the primary shield broadcasting system and also a focussing point for the Garrast-Viyroub FTL Drive; the low-placed drive tubes, linked through the distinctive vertical ventral exhaust port for the primary generator core at the mid-point of their length; and the rear superstructure. The base components are repeated in various forms across all the Xyriat starships. Like several larger vessels, the Kaxvyit also has a dorsal refuelling lance projecting along the hull from the rear superstructure.

The Kaxvyit’s role is to serve as centrepiece to a formation. In keeping with current Xyriat doctrine, it carries a considerable eight heavy tractor beam emplacements. The Xyriat formation makes a pass through the enemy at close range, attempting to catch choice targets with their tractors and pull them away from the enemy formation. The enemy vessels can then be dealt with at leisure by the vessel’s escorts and its own plethora of other weapons.

Softening up the enemy vessel’s shields are armour is accomplished principally by the numerous larger particle beam emplacements. The Kaxvyit, like almost all other Xyriat capital starships, mounts several light torpedo launchers in turrets. These weapon fire munitions typically carried by fighters or smallcraft. While their range and yield is smaller than a capital-scale torpedo launcher, they make up for this in precision and with staggered-fire salvos can penetrate better than a typical capital warship. Combined with plentiful short-range point-defence particle beams, the Kaxvyit can either destroy a captured vessel wholesale or strategically pick off key systems, rendering it helpless but mostly intact.

The Kaxvyit also mounts four light spinal-mount railguns for long-range fire on approach to an enemy task force.

Finally, it carries a quad dorsal warhead launcher on top of the rear superstructure. This weapon system carries a variety of munitions. Torpedoes, both standard anti-matter and dispersed blast munitions and long-range missiles provide weapons for extreme range (the former using the Xyriat’s excellent torpedo technology), while salvo rockets and standard missiles provide medium range offense and shield/armour stripping for tractored vessels. Finally, point-defence missiles are employed both defensively and as an additional precision targeting against enemies held in the tractor beams.

The Kaxvyit has slightly above average speed and mobility for a ship of its size and is well protected by shields and armour, allowing it to better survive the crucial first pass.