XH205 TTR02A Handrodar Troop Transport (w. Kolots)

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

12.00mm x 51.41mm x 21.81mm

Handrodar Troop Transport

The Handrodar Troop Transport Cruiser was developed from the CT01 Yaxir variant. The CT01 was never built with the CST01’s problematic refuelling probes, and sees uses primarily as a civilian transport. The CT01’s dorsal cargo hold was easily converted into hangar space to house the TBV01 Kolot and its direct predecessors.

The Handrodar, like the military versions of the Yaxir, has respectable speed, shields and defences for a transport ship, sharing the same armament of nine particle beam turrets.

Before the introduction of the Kolot, the remaining space was for a small number of troop quarters. Since the Kolot, unlike the BV05A Kariot is replaced, houses the troops itself directly, this space has been converted to additional cargo holds. This allows the vessels to two-and-a-half times the number of troops in the same ship space.

Though its cargo hold is only a quarter of the size of the cargo hold of a Yaxir, it nevertheless extends the operational range of the Kolot/Handrodar pair to just over five months.

Careful reorganisation of the Handrodar’s internal structure, however, allowed it to retain and even expand on the number of recreational and supplementary crew facilities. This part of the Handrodar’s modification from the CT01 Yaxir was made late in the process of the design of the Kolot, when concerns were raised about the very basic living conditions aboard the vessels and how it might affect morale. It necessitated a somewhat costly last-minute adjustment to the Handrodar project, but when they entered service a year after the Kolots the difference was immediate and lauded.

While most often paired with Kolots, the Handrodar’s capabilities also allow it to fulfil the role of a light carrier – most often for long-range scouts. The morale of the crews aboard these vessels is very high, given the comparative plethora of recreational facilities when not in use by ten troop companies. The Handrodar is also used as a personal transport by several high-ranking government and military personnel; some of these vessels sacrifice hangar space for more facilities.

TBV01 Kolot Army Transport/Boarding Vessel

The Kolot Army Transport/Boarding Vessel is, like the smaller Vutkor, technically a self-sufficient smallcraft. Build at the leading edge of such technology, the Kolot was intended to serve as troop ship, landing craft and assault shuttle; a small, highly mobile platform nonetheless able to carry a significant load of troops.

Unlike many such vessels, the Kolot does not merely transport, but houses army units – up to five companies of troops. However, on a combatively small vessel, space was at a premium, and thus the troop quarters are Spartan and cramped and recreational facilities are very minimal.

The Kolot has strong shields for a smallcraft and is quite resilient to damage. It is armed with several particle beam turrets for both defence and offense, backed up by a pair of light torpedo turrets, typically armed with a mix of warheads.

Though the Kolot can carry enough supplies to last just over two months by itself, Kolots are in practise deployed in pairs from the Handrodar Troop Transport Cruiser. The Handrodar, while serving as an additional supply store for the Kolots, also has a disproportionate amount of supplementary and leisure facilities, somewhat making up for the Kolot’s lack and easing the pressure on the troops.