XH108 DP01A Vuxor PD Destroyer

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

17.60mm x 41.18mm x 17.70mm

Rather than rely on longer-ranged interdiction weaponry, the Hegemonic Navy’s design doctrine relies on larger numbers of small systems. While this can place them closer and more vulnerable to blast or area attacks, the Hegemony considers the increased rate of fire to be a sufficient trade-off. The Vuxor was designed to maximise that firepower.

The Vuxor was one of the earlier hulls of the current generation of the Hegemonic Navy. It pioneered the rotary particle beam turret mounting system seen on the Volovax Point-Defence Cruiser, which has largely supplanted it.

The initial DP01 hull was originally armed with heavier anti-capital starship particle beams in addition to the point-defence weapons, and, like, most Xyriat starships, light torpedo tubes.

When the Volovax was out into production, it was considered a superior vessel in all regards aside from production cost. But a large number of Vuxors in remained in service. Regulating them all to small forces and civilian escort or mothballing them was impractical. So the remaining Vuxors underwent a major refit to the current DP01A version. The anti-capital beam particle beam turrets on the sides of the forward hull were replaced with missile racks, primarily used for point-defence missiles, and a full ECM suite was installed, all of which added 10% to the vessel’s mass. The missile and ECM systems used less energy than the original particle beam weapons, so the vessel’s speed manoeuvrability remained unchanged, despite the increased mass. The larger volume meant that due to the improved volume to surface area ratios, the vessel’s shielding and armour was able to be for more or less the same system mass requirement,

The Vuxor now serves in several capacities: as a light escort, a supplementary escort to the Volovax, using its point-defence missiles. It occasionally even serves as a strike vessel, using point-defence or regular missiles to provide additional close-range precision attack power or long-range strike capability.