XH101 CC01B Tyrdiy Corvette (4)

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

31.68mm x 19.80mm x 14.41mm

The Tyrdiy Corvette functions as defensive support for other vessels and occasionally as reconnaissance. It has the fastest drives of any of the capital ship fleets and relies on this agility for the bulk of its protection.

It is armed with several arrays of particle beam turrets and a pair of large-calibre light torpedo turrets. These are typically equipped with lighter warheads for anti-fighter duties, rather than heavier warheads, to sometimes the latter will be used.

The Tyrdiy operate most often as an escort vessel for small-to-mid-size ships, serving as additional point-defence or firepower against tractor beamed targets. More rarely, a pack of Tyrdiys will be used as an offensive screen to break up and attack waves of enemy fighters and smallcraft. While they cannot match such vessels in speed or agility, they come close enough to perform this role very well.