XH003 V/F05D Vednir Heavy Fighter (6)

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

21.22mm x 14.08mm x 15.33mm

Considerably bigger than the Galdra or Wravax, the Vednir Heavy Fighter is the largest fighter the Hegemonic Navy has produced. The Vednir pushes the boundary between “fighter” and “smallcraft” and it is only a technically a fighter in that it only has two crew.

The Vednir’s primary role is anti-capital ship operations. This is centred around the capital-ship missile rack mounted on the vessel’s rear. This is often split between anti-capital ship and point-defence missiles, provided the Vednir its own protection while it makes its attacks. It further carries three point-defence particle beam turrets for its own defence and close-in work. The Vednir’s armaments are rounded off by a twin light torpedo tubes in the nose. These are typically equipped with heavier anti-ship warheads.

The Vednir is very well protected – its shields are twice as strong as the Galdra’s and the same strength as the Vayox Antiship Drone – though its agility is only that of an average bomber.

Vednir squadrons are usually deployed as a group of six, rather than twelve, due to their size compared to the Xyriat’s standard hangar bay volume.