Warhammer Chronicles: Trollslayer (20th Anniversary Ed.)

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A Gotrek Gurnisson novel

When Felix Jaeger, a student, poet and minor political agitator, swears a drunken oath to a half-mad dwarf, it changes his life. Adventure awaits, as Felix records the mighty deeds of Gotrek Gurnisson, Trollslayer.

This story is where the saga of Gotrek began. Mutants in the forest, goblins in the mountains, a troll beneath the world – from these small beginnings came the greatest partnership in the Old World, and a hero who has crossed realities to become a legend.

Gotrek and Felix: unsung heroes of the Empire or nothing more than common thieves and murderers? The truth perhaps lies somewhere in between and depends entirely upon who you ask…

After fleeing the authorities in the Imperial city of Altdorf, Felix Jaeger swears a drunken oath to dour dwarf Gotrek Gurnisson to record his death saga. In the cold light of day, Felix's worst fears are confirmed as he learns that Gotrek is a Trollslayer – a dwarf doomed to seek out a heroic death in battle to atone for an unknown personal disgrace. Their travels throw them into a string of extraordinary adventures as Felix tries to survive his companion's destiny.

Written by William King.

This 20th anniversary hardback edition includes a foiled cover, glossy internal art and a new foreword by the author.