The Imprecations Of Daemons (Audiobook)

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A Warhammer Age of Sigmar audio drama

A warrior of the Stormcast Eternals returns to the place of her birth, long before she was reforged as a celestial hero. Only by coming to terms with her past can she save her home for the future.

A Stormcast Eternal returning to her human life is a fascinating thing, and this drama explores how much she has changed and grown across her lives – and what may be diminished within her as well.

'My hand the hammer… my will the shield.'

Summoned by grave tidings, the Stormcast Malleon returns home to the place of her birth, the Iron Fastness. Many years ago her father, Vaneth, a warrior priest of Sigmar, helped banish a cult of Chaos that had taken root in their lands. But devils do not rest easily and a perfidious evil has risen again. Malleon finds much changed since the days before her reforging and the tragic events that tore her family apart. Only by reconciling with her past can she hope to exorcise the daemons of the present and purge the darkness for good.

Written by Nick Kyme. Running time 71 minutes. Performed by John Banks, Beth Chalmers, Gesella Ohaka, Richard Reed & Fiona Skinner.