SW300-HE008 Beta Screen Drones (6)

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Herosine Empire

300th (6mm)

46.20mm x 16.85mm x 11.97mm

Not to be confused with the Beta-series of capital starship hulls, the Beta Screen Drone was introduced in 2342 as replacement for the Alpha Screen Drone. While the Alpha was still relatively new, only being about ten years old itself, the advances in avionics and communications was enough to warrant a new design.

The Beta Screen drone’s mission profile is identical to the Alpha: a single 42 TXq spinal-mount particle beam cannon and two smaller 19.5 TXq particle beams cannons and enough manoeuvrability to be able to actively defend a starship (or battle tank in ground operations) from missile or fighter attack. The Beta uses a new engine, whose slightly greater power compensates for the added mass of the more modern systems, while still providing the same performance of 42mc and 470 MEUs. While the new power core allowed about 3% more power to be squeezed out of the armament over the Alpha, the biggest improvement to the Beta is in the sensor and communication systems, which have been replaced with the new 6th generation standard of the 2340s. The internal system of the Beta have been re-organised and optimised, meaning that despite the new technology, the Beta is very little different to the Alpha in cost.

Some minimal attempt to provide some protection has been made: the new Beta has a slightly smaller target profile and a little more armour (an AIC of 15TXq over the Alpha’s 12TXq). Like the Alpha the Beta carries no shields and the armour is of dubious value in starship engagements and serves only to deter lighter weapons fire in ground combat engagements. Otherwise, the Beta is as fragile as the Alpha, with low cost and disposability being considered more important.