Age Of Sigmar: Warcry Stormcast Eternals

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Can you hear it calling? The whispers in the night... Join us... Join me! That's the voice of Archaon, beckoning you to the Varanspire, you are going to go, aren't you!

In this high paced skirmish game from Games Workshop, you will be pitting together two teams from the Age of Sigmar as although this is a standalone game it is set within the Age of Sigmar universe. Warcry has been made to be fast, action-packed and above all, a complete blood bath! Everyone in the battle is fighting for the chance to be noticed by one of the most powerful warlords in the mortal realms, Archaon as the approval of him is like being royalty in the Age of Sigmar.

The Stormcast Eternals are the weapons of Sigmar, his might made manifest, warriors and heroes who have shown extreme bravery and skill. Plucked by Sigmar from the Mortal Realms then enhanced and imbued with his power to become immortal warriors to fight for his cause. Even though this transformation is a harrowing process that leaves many external and internal scars, once complete these soldiers step out no longer mortal men they are immortals, stronger and more courageous than ever before.

Coming to Warcry against the tribes of Chaos is the Stormcast Eternals, this kit lets you easily put together a warband with a selection of fighters and all of the tokens and cards that you need to play, straight out of the box.


  • 3x Vanguard-Raptors
  • 3x Aetherwings
  • 5x Vanguard-Hunters
  • Ability Card
  • 8x Fighter Cards
  • 2x Double-sided Stormcast Eternals-themed Token Boards
  • Blue-tinted tokens exclusive to this set