Start Collecting! Slaves To Darkness

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Begin a brand new collection or reinforce your already growing army of armour clad mortal warriors of Chaos with this awesome added value Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting box set from Games Workshop. It provides you with some essential units and it's cheaper than buying them separately.


  • 1x Chaos Lord on Karkadrak, with a choice of helmeted and unhelmeted heads.
  • 5x Chaos Knights, with the option to build a Doom Knight with a Cursed Flail and Chaos Runeshield,
  • 10x Warriors of Chaos, including an Aspiring Champion and featuring a choice of helmeted and unhelmeted heads - including a mix of male and female faces.
  • 10x 32mm Hex Hole Round Bases
  • 5x 75mm Hex Hole Oval Bases
  • 1x 90mm Hex Hole Oval Base