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The first race created by the Old Ones and servants to their plans of bringing light and protection to the World. They were led by Enigmatic Slaan that contemplated the universe and could unleash powerful magic's that could destroy whole armies, occasionally leading their own forces to war against enemies within their lands. The Lizardmen were made up of Saurus warriors who marched from within their jungles to rend and tear intruders apart, Skinks who would dart amongst the thick foliage and poison interlopers from the shadows and towering saurian beasts that would roar challenges at the enemy and crush them beneath their colossal bulk. Now they have escaped the destruction of the Warhammer World, ascending into the heavens within their Temples that became ships, taking this mighty race to safety from all the Chaos taint.

After thousands of years, they emerge again, now serving the Slaan and are the sworn enemies and bane of the Chaos forces. Attacking with great numbers to bring hope and protection to those that follow the forces of order. They are great allies to Sigmar and his battle plans, they were once known as the Lizardmen, but now they are the Seraphon.

Start Collecting! Skinks is a great value box set is ideal for any player looking to start a Seraphon force. This box set contains;

  • 1x Skink Starpriest
  • 12x Skinks
  • 3x Terradon Riders
  • 1x Bastiladon
  • 1x Citadel Large Oval Base
  • 3x Citadel 50mm Round Bases
  • 2x Citadel 25mm Round Bases
  • 12x Citadel 25mm Round Slotta Bases
  • 2x Ball and Socket Stems
  • 1x Long Flying Stem