Start Collecting! Maggotkin Of Nurgle

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In the Mortal Realms, the followers of the Chaos God Nurgle are a fearsome sight. Rewarded for their loyal service with gifts from their demonic patron, their bodies are bloated and plague-ridden. Often suffering disfigured by disease and mutation, sprouting extra mouths, eyes and limbs. Harbouring a multitude of diseases and plagues, their deformed bodies fuse with armour and nerve endings rot-away. Of all the forces of Chaos, the Maggotkin of Nurgle are some of the hardest to destroy.

The Start collecting box sets are ideal for anyone looking to start a new force or expand an existing one. They offer a variety of highly detailed miniatures in one box set at one fantastic price.

This multi-part, plastic Maggotkin Of Nurgle kit includes;

  • 8 highly detailed miniatures:
    • 1x Lord of Blights
    • 5x Putrid Blightkings
    • 2x Pusgoyle Blightlords