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Orruk Warclans Savage Boarboys

Orruk Warclans Savage Boarboys

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This savage group of Boarboys will make an excellent addition to your Bonesplitterz collection, as they are one of the most deadly and unforgiving units in any Orruk force. Incredibly resilient to enemy fire thanks to protection their boar’s thick hides and mystical warpaint, a large unit of Boarboys will be enough to disrupt any battleline your enemy can offer.

This reformatted box contains 95 components which allows you to make up to 10 miniatures, these can be either Savage Boarboys or Savage Boarboys Maniaks. There are enough parts so you can also make 1 Savage Boss, 1 Skull Thumper and 1 Bone Totem if you prefer.

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