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Psychic Awakening: Ritual Of The Damned (English)

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Ritual Of The Damned is the next instalment of the Psychic Awakening series. The book tells the story of Magnus and the Thousand Sons, who are trying to use the energies released by the Great Rift to achieve their catastrophic goals. This book contains new background material and rules for all three factions.

  • Exciting background information on the immediate aftermath of the formation of the Great Rift and the plans that Magnus the Red and the Thousands Sons began formulating to further their own evil ends. Also includes the viewpoints of the Grey Knights and the Dark Angels and tells of their valiant efforts to prevent the Daemon Primarch's plans from reaching fruition.
  • Missions that allow you to recreate some of the most pivotal battles during the conflict, and war zones that let you bring your battles to some of the most distinctive sites that were fought over.
  • Expanded army rules for the Thousand Sons, Dark Angels and Grey Knights, including Warlord Traits, Stratagems, Relics, and psychic powers.
  • A new unit for the Grey Knights - the Grey Knights Chaplain - along with a set of six Litanies of Purity for them to utilise in battle.