Psychic Awakening: Blood Of Baal (English)

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This book is the third in the Psychic Awakening series

Psychic Awakening: Blood of Baal tells the story of the Mephiston, the Lord of Death and details the story of the Tyranids attack on the Blood Angels. The book is also crammed full of updated datasheets that give the Blood Angels access to Stratagems, psychic powers, Litanies, extra army rules, Vanguard units and so much more. The Tyranids haven't been left out either, they now have a load of extra bio-artefacts, Stratagems and you will be able to build your own hive fleet with your own unique choice of traits.

This Psychic Awakening: Blood of Baal book includes;

  • Rules and background for Tyranid Hive Fleets and Blood Angels Space Marines
  • Revised Datasheets for key Blood Angels characters, including Mephiston, Astorath, Lemartes and more
  • Rules for Primaris Death Company and the Flesh Tearers successor Chapter
  • Rules for Codex: Tyranids
  • 16 Strategems
  • Rules for use with Hive Fleets