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The Sons of Russ are a proud brotherhood of fierce and noble warriors. Seen as savages, the Space Wolves prowl the battlefield for their enemies, hungry to earn glory in battle and earn their place in the sagas of their people. If you send any one to kill a Space Marine, you send a Space Wolf.

This pack allows you to build your own squad of Space Wolves or to supplement another Space Marines kit to customise with the marks of the Sons of Russ. Each box contains 218 multi-part plastic components with which to build 10 Space Wolves that can be assembled as Wolf Guard, Grey Hunters or Blood Claws in power armour. Each Space Wolf miniature is furnished with an abundance of fur, skulls, wolf tail talismans, knives and icons that give them a feral appearance. Between the pack there is five different leg variations, six torsos, five backpacks and 28 different heads, including scout heads, this kit provides you with an abundance of options to personalise your forces. To really pack a punch the box contains thunder hammers, power weapons, wolf claws, plasma guns and pistols, selection of knives, wolf tails and other accessories to be ready for any occasion.

The Wolf Guard are an elite band of seasoned veterans, the mightiest champions of each Great Company. Blood Claws are the youngest and most inexperienced of all the marines and the most eager to prove themselves and finally the Grey Hunters who make up the back bone of the Space Wolf Chapter. Aggressive and wild but control through experience in battle.  

This box set gives you all the parts to make 10 highly detailed plastic Space Wolves miniatures and bases.