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    With over 1,800 cards available, each Mystery Booster draft will be an unpredictable new experience! We've included a wide range of cards from previous sets, from collectible fan favorites to exciting Booster Draft all-stars. To celebrate Magic's history, each card is printed with the Planeswalker symbol in the lower-left corner but is otherwise unchanged from its previous printing.


    The Mystery Booster set contains 1,694 cards of equal rarity that appear in booster packs. Mystery Booster—Retail Edition booster packs contain an additional 121 cards that appear only in premium, and Mystery Booster—Convention Edition booster packs contain an additional 121 playtest cards.


    Inclusion in the Mystery Booster set doesn't change what formats a card is legal in. Most of its cards are not legal in the Standard format, and many are not legal in the Modern format.


    Each Mystery Booster—Convention Edition booster pack contains fourteen reprints, plus one other card. This last card is a specially designed playtest card straight from Magic: The Gathering's design files. These cards are an unprecedented peek inside an early stage of the design process, so the cards aren't set in a normal Magic frame, they haven't undergone rules scrutiny, and Play Design hasn't tested them rigorously for balance. The artwork is provided by Wizards of the Coast staff—from the incredibly talented to the incredibly available.

    As you may notice, playtest cards have varying levels of seriousness.

    Noxious Bayou
    {T}: Add {B} or {G}. You get a poison counter.

    Bear with Set's Mechanic
    Creature — Bear
    Aggressive (During your turn, there is an additional combat phase after the first, and only creatures with aggressive may attack during it.)

    • Playtest cards aren't legal for play in any tournament format other than Mystery Booster Limited formats. On the other hand, we expect they will spice up a wide variety of casual games. Cube may never be the same.
    • Playtest cards use a modified version of game symbols, such as {T} and {W}. These modified symbols should be treated as the standard symbols during play.
    • Playtest cards often use "CARDNAME" in place of the card's own name. This follows the same rules as an object referring to itself by name.
    • Remember a minute ago when I said these cards haven't undergone rules scrutiny? I wasn't kidding. For many playtest cards, you'll need to make a generous assumption that basic game rules will be updated to allow them to work. The Card-Specific Notes section will provide guidance for fitting these cards into the existing rules structure.