MG144-JAL08 Scovocsper VTOL Attack Fighter

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144th (10 or 12mm)

49.20mm x 73.70mm x 17.29mm

The 41RKR Scovocsper VTOL attack fighter is a bleeding-edge new VTOL craft, modelled directly from the fighters of the Rixjaani Obonos, and is closer to a starfighter than a more conventional VTOL. Top-of-the-line gravitonic drives combined with effective-mass reduction grids allow the Scovocsper to mount armour heavier than some MBTs, as well as considerable armament.

The Scovocsper has ventral twin multibarrel phased-plasma cannons, an upgraded and more compact version of the turret used by the 21RLB-6 Appila.

The wing struts mount TOO-1 Tonsha Missile Launchers, three each side, with three missiles each, for a total of eighteen warheads. Reloading is quick and simplified, as the missiles are mounted in magazines, and accessed through the heavily-armoured ventral hatches. At a suitable loading base, the Scovocsper simple flies to the top of the building, drops its expended magazines into a hatch, and then hovers forward to a second hatch, where pre-loaded magazines are raised up to lock in. The whole process is automated, and assisted by tractor beams on the roof of the facility, enabling the Scovocsper to reload in less than a minute; pilot endurance is the major factor to the number of sorties one can conduct. A mobile version of the quick-reload system is currently undergoing testing.

The Scovocsper also mounts a much larger phased-plasma cannon battery, in the form of the wing strut-tip cannons, giving it extremely good range and firepower, at the expense of firearc.

Finally, it has two light phased-plasma point-defence arrays, instead of the slower and more cumbersome graviton crushers.

All this power comes as an expense however. The Scovocsper is unable to mount shield generators, due to the amount of power it expends on weapons and propulsion, despite being just above the minimum size Jalyrkieon technology mandates. While this was a consideration, the Hierarchy command decided that given its sphere of operations would mostly consist of nap-of-earth combat that the emphasis should be placed on offense, and rely on terrain and manoeuvrability for defences. As a result, despite being closer to a fighter than a VTOL gunship, it is not suited to dealing with true fighters.