MG144-JAL06 Swebayen Command Vehicle

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144th (10 or 12mm)

38.00mm x 54.71mm x 34.04mm

The 33RLG-9 Swebayen Command Vehicle is one of the older designs in the Jalyrkieon Hierarchy Army, and has been refitted several times. As a designated command vehicle, it is not a main combat unit. It thus does not share the usual Jalyrkieon vehicle’s streamlining, being essentially an armoured box. But even so, it capable of making a fair turn of speed, and possesses the typical booster system of all Jalyrkieon vehicles.

The Swebayen’s primary job is local command and control, for which it is well equipped with good sensor and communications arrays, and a solid ECM suite. It has an extensible sensor mast, giving it a safe way to acquire its own sensor locks for both itself (and its primary weapons of twin TOO-1 Tonsha Missile Launchers) and its subordinate vehicles.

For secondary weapons, the Swebayen has two side-mounted, retractable phased-plasma cannons for close defence, and two phased-plasma point defence arrays for anti-missile and anti-infantry defence. Earlier versions mounted lighter weapons which could fully retract into the hull, dropping the width to only 3.86m. The -9 version’s larger weapon are too large to be pulled inside the radius of the turrets and so they can only be retracted slightly. The merits of the virtue of a heavier weapon over being able to manoeuvre through smaller gaps is hotly debated.

The Swebayen is not heavily armoured, and so generally sits in a safe location at the perimeter of an engagement location.