MG144-JAL05 Shyroen Main Battle Tank

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144th (10 or 12mm)

30.00mm x 70.40mm x 29.58mm

The 31RTD Shyroen Main Battle Tank is a large and powerful vehicle. While not as fast as the Tevqolath it supplements, it is still much quicker than most non-grav MBTs. The Shyroen’s role is primarily anti-heavy armour, a purpose served by the two huge energy torpedo cannons mounted on the turret. As with the Tevqolath, the Shyroen’s two launchers are geared for asynchronous fire, circumventing somewhat the problem of low-rate of fire the energy torpedoes have due to the requirement to charge.

However, energy torpedoes perform poorly against shields, so the Shyroen also mounts two multibarrel phased-plasma cannons. These weapons, mounted on sponsons, also have a much greater elevation, and provided some much-needed shield-stripping ability. A single TVX-4 Rerif missile tube sits atop each gun, providing some short-range punch, though as these are not reloadable outside of an engineering bay, a one-shot punch. Finally, the Shyroen has a graviton crusher array for point-defence.

The vehicle also has a side-mounted improved sensor array, giving it an excellent targeting system for making the most of its weapons. Typically, they are also equipped with a mine plough, since their hull shape is the most optimal for this purpose. The lighter underside of Jalyrkieon vehicles (due to the boosters present) makes them typically more vulnerable to mines.

When dealing with ultra-heavy targets, such as a Cybertank Eradicator, Shyroens are often teamed with Tevqolaths, with the latter providing the fastest shield stripping, and the former providing the killing punch.