MG144-JAL02 Okam APC

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144th (10 or 12mm)

28.00mm x 52.25mm x 25.50mm

The 38RTR-3 Okam Armour Personnel Carrier, named after a type of aquatic predator on Plenadi, the Jalyrkieon homeworld is the standard Jalyrkieon APC. It is slightly more than a battle-taxi, but is not a full IFV. It is fast and very agile, and, in concert with its boosters, capable of driving even over water for distances of up to two miles. It is moderately armoured for a vehicle of its size, comparable with most heavier IFVs.

Due to the larger volume of the Jalyrkieon form, an Okam only carries one squad of four Jalyrkieons, and are typically found operating in groups of three.

It is armed with a shrapnel cannon, which fires a munition that explodes into a cluster of very highly accelerated, superheated fragments in the proximity of enemy targets. The weapon has an extremely good range and density of fire, though its armour penetration is only moderate. Early models also carried a coaxial light support weapon mount, either a plasmatic repeater cannon or a phased-plasma gun. However, as the main gun was generally preferable in almost all circumstances they would be used, those weapons rarely saw usage. They were later removed in later variants, and replaced with a point defence graviton crusher, to provide some improved missile defence.