MG144-HE000A Psiloi Orb Scout (12)

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Herosine Empire

144th (10 or 12mm)

45.07mm x 24.95mm x 16.14mm

The Psiloi Orb Scout is designed to be slotted into the provided stand for deployment and slotted into the appropriate slot in a Turma APC or Onager tank when bused up.

This sprue is intended primarily for spares or supplementary units; as sufficient units are already provided with the Onager and with the droid platoon or the "with psiloi" variant of the Turma APC (if the Turma is to be with infantry other than the droid platoon.)


The Psiloi is as venerable as the Legionary. For over a century, the Herosine’s ground forces and naval marine detachments have been supplemented with the familiar sight of the Psiloi Gravitic Orb Scout.

The Ps-I/GOS Mark 7, rather than an upgrade as with the Centurion and Legionary, is more of a new machine. While the basic structure is the same, the Mark 7 has a superior alloy armour surface. It replaces the old GOS Mark 4 shield generator with a new GOS Mark 5-I. The new Mark 5-I, in addition to being an upgrade with the newer technology, provides an all-around shield, unlike the forward-only barrier of the older GOS Mark 4. While the GOS 4’s exceptional output-to-consumption and weight ratio has kept it in service for so long, the new Mark 5-I provides 75% of the power output, but to all facings, rather than just the fore. Combined with the new armour, while the Psiloi is now 5% less protected from the fore arc, it obviates the Psiloi’s biggest – and well-known – weakness.

This design change has required a re-modelling of the Psiloi’s internal structure and a stronger power core and drive to lift the greater weight due to the armour.

The Psiloi is equipped with two frontal blaster pistols. It is outfitted with a suite of electronics, from a full sensor array, allowing it to designate for other Herosine missile vehicles. An EM and stealth suite that allow it to hide electronically from sensors. While short of a cloak and not fool-proof, it does grant the Psiloi considerably more ability to sneak around. This, combined with the Psiloi’s default suite of skills (unlike the Legionaries, the Psiloi is usually “full”) pertaining to stealth, threat detection, navigation, computer and hacking skills and even basic assassination skills allow it to be a significant threat to all levels of enemy grounds forces.