MG144-CT008 Vaporiser Light Tank

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144th (10 or 12mm)

18.23mm x 47.54mm x 18.60mm

The unusual Vaporiser is less a tank and more a mobile pill box. It has very heavy front armour; Tier 19 against energy and Tier 18 against impact (better than that of the Eradicator in the latter case), though it is significantly weaker elsewhere. A shield of Barrier Strength 18 and 30% Penetration Resistance adds a further level of protection.

With its fixed magnetic linear accelerator gatling, it is often seen functioning as a latter-day impromptu fixed-line machine gun.

Its main weapon, however, is the omnidirectional particle laser beam array mounted on the back, often confused for a sensor array. This has considerable range and is equally capable at anti-air or anti-armour roles.

However, the weapons are not the reason that the Vaporisers are most notorious. They possess six double-sized sized tractor emitters, four at the front and two at the rear. These provide them with enormous strength and manipulative ability. They can lift about 80 tons, and can throw around eight – more than enough to uproot and hurl a tree. There are few vehicles that can traverse woods or other difficult terrain so easily – the Vaporisers simply shove the trees out of their path like a human would brush aside undergrowth. They are sufficiently skilled at this, they can do it at nearly full speed. The resulting clear trail often allows the following Cybertanks to launch a strike from an unexpected direction.