MG144-CT005 Cohesion Suppression Tank

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144th (10 or 12mm)

25.80mm x 52.88mm x 20.21mm

The Cohesion configuration is designated as a "Suppression" tank. For the Cybertanks, this qualifies as a dedicated anti-infantry vehicle. As the Cybertanks are simply too big to fit inside buildings (and rarely feel the need to try and capture anything anyway), the Cybertanks solution to the problem of infantry is the most basic – obliterate the place the infantry are standing in.

The Cohesion has shields rated at 50% Penetration Resistance and Barrier Strength of 30, but is only quite lightly armoured; it is rated Tier 16 verses energy attacks, but only Tier 12 against kinetic impacts.

The Cohesion's primary weapon is a cannon that fires a Matter-flux shell. This is capable of inflicting vast amounts of damage to structures, plant-life and any vehicle unfortunate enough to be hit by it. A Cohesion can carry eight of these shells before needing to grow more.

Analysis of dead Cohesions was the first instance to have revealed the technology disparity. The design of these shells indicated they were replicated from the starship technology principles, as opposed to the Cybertank's “natural” technology. Indeed, old records from early encounters indicate that the shells were a high-explosive weapon, whose design was entirely consist with the internal workings of the Cybertanks.