MG144-Aotrs05 Devil Storm Light Munitions Vehicle

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Army Of The Red Spear

144th (10 or 12mm)

16.65mm x 35.26mm x 27.43mm

The Devil Storm is a light munitions vehicle. Lightly armoured and shielded, it is very fast, though as a low-grav vehicle, unable to truly fly as some of the other grav vehicles can.

Devil Storms are armed with a light twin-mount coldbeam turret on the front for anti-infantry and light targets. Its main firepower comes from the rear warhead turret. Typically, this is loaded with sixty Horde semi-guided rockets, but other load-outs (such as Reaper or Harridan anti-fighter warheads) are sometimes seen.

The top rack typically sports two Skull warheads, the Aotrs primary anti-armour/anti-starship guided warhead, though provision is also made for fitting two Reaver anti-fighter warheads instead.

Typically, Devil Storms are used as light artillery to support or as rapid-deployment versions of Reign of Anger. As one of the lighter Aotrs vehicles, they are often called on support recon elements like the Scitalis, as they can re-deploy faster than other ground units.

The Devil Storm was the first vehicle of the current generation, coming only a few years before the Fallen Soul. Unlike the older vehicles, like the Reign of Anger or Vampires, it is modern enough that is has not yet reached the point where it is due for an upgrade. In light of the 2342 shield revolution, it is possible that the Devil Storm’s power core and shields could be upgraded. But as the vehicle is ideally not supposed to be engaged by enemy forces, such a modification is unlikely to be performed until there is a larger gain for the expenditure of resources.