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Stormcast Eternals Knight-Vexillor

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Inspiring other Stormcast Eternals to great deeds and calling down devastating comets to crush the enemy forces the Knight Vexillor proudly bears the banner of Sigmar. Proclaiming the return of the God King to the forces of Chaos and defying their constant oppression and corruption of all things pure.

Proudly achieving victory through several gruelling trials to prove himself worthy, upon winning the honour he is struck with a bolt from Sigmar himself that imbues him with divine energy and grants him with the power to wield the banner. The banner itself inspires valour in all that surround him, it also allows him to call down destructive comets from the heavens to impact amongst the enemy or hurls allied forces closer in to the fray of battle on powerful winds of a mighty hurricane. This fearsome warrior leads your Stormcast Eternals in to war at the front of battle and heralds victory for Sigmar.

This clam pack contains one highly detailed plastic miniature and base. A great leader for this new faction and for your collection.