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Chaos Knights Knight Desecrator

Chaos Knights Knight Desecrator

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Just like Imperial Knights Chaos Knights are some of the oldest working technology in existence, unlike Imperial Knights their crews succame to the temptation of Chaos over the centuries. The influence and warping effects of Chaos slowly over time mutated both the crews and the Knights. Many crews have long since died but their souls have fused with Daemons to be locked within shells of their war machines. The Knights themselves are not immune to the touch of Chais also suffering from mutation, spouting claws, flails, and other horrendous weapons to strike terror in the hearts of their foes!

The Knight Desecrator is a Chaos version of the Imperial Knight! The Knight can be built as the Desecrator which excels at destroying war machines, monstrous beasts or fortifications at long range, or as the Rampager, a formidable close assault monster!

This Highly details multi-part plastic kit contains;

  • 1x Chaos Knight This kit can be built as either of the following:
    • Knight Desecrator
    • Knight Rampager
  • 1x Citadel 170mm oval base
  • 1x Chaos Knight transfer sheet
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