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Kill Team: Commanders (English)

Kill Team: Commanders (English)

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Kill Team is a fantastic standalone game from Games Workshop, set within the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. Kill Team is a fast paced, action packed tabletop game that puts two deadly kill teams against one another in a ferocious battle to the death. Games can be as swift as a 40-minute skirmish or can be extended into a full-scale campaign. Every game you play develops your squad, improving their abilities and expanding their skill trees, even lowliest trooper can grow in power, skill and experience to evolve into a battle-hardened warrior.

Command your forces to victory!

Kill Team: Commanders brings the deadliest warriors of the 41st Millennium into the fray. With a total of 41 different psykers, champions and lieutenants, every single Kill Team faction has a commander or two to choose. Each has a wide wealth of specialisms, customisable traits and, in some cases, psychic disciplines to choose from. With so many options each commander can be designed to match your play style, from solo assassins to heroic leaders and even bloodthirsty front line troops. Commanders can be used in special open, narrative and matched play missions, opening up even more way to play Kill Team. 

The Kill Team: Commanders expansion box features new missions, an expanded Psychic phase and the most in-depth character customisation ever from Games Workshop. Containing the rules and all required tokens and cards, this set allows you to easily include Commanders to your games of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team.

Kill Team: Commanders set contains;

  • A 120-page expansion rulebook
  • Rules for Commanders for the 16 Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team factions
  • 10 new Commander specialisms
  • Open, narrative and matched play missions
  • Exclusive cards
  • Exclusive tokens
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