JAL306 Qorenlu Heavy Carrier

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Fleet scale

53.00mm x 162.80mm x 24.50mm

The massive Qorenlu Heavy Carrier is one of the most recent additions to the Hierarchy’s arsenal. With the first hull rolling out of the shipyards in only 2343, the Qorenlu has seen so far little conflict, as it has not been deployed to any of the Jalyrkieon’s current front lines.

Four vertical launch hangar bays each hold a squadron of fighters, usually a mix of Ikimars and Tonuhjas with a single squadron of Arrifek Assault Shuttles. While it does not carry and dedicated ground forces, the Qorenlu’s sheer size means it has ample marine teams for the Arrifeks to carry without compromising its own internal security.

The Qorenlu carries a modest number of phased-plasma batteries for anti-ship defences, with a larger number of smaller batteries for point-defence. It supplements these weapons with two vertical launch missile batteries, but for its size, the Qorenlu’s offensive capabilities are limited.

As with all the Jalyrkieon capital ships, the Qorenlu has exceptional agility for its size. This speed is its main protection, as while strong, its shields and armour are light for a vessel of its weight-class – only 50% more that of the Aruisiki Battleship half the Qorenlu’s size.