JAL305 Aruisiki Battleship

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Fleet scale

42.00mm x 105.95mm x 25.60mm

The Aruisiki Battleship is a scaled-down dreadnought. It took much of the internal design structure of the Essperila and paired it with the Venlix’s architecture. The theory was to create a blend of both highly successful designs, but in practise, subtle inconsistencies and poor optimisation have lead the Aruisiki to have a troubled design history and it is only now finally entering production in any numbers. The Aruisiki itself, some years old, has already been recalled for a serious overhaul to bring it up to the Aruisiki’s current design plan, which fixes some of the most glaring problems.

The Aruisiki is armed with a sizable number of phased-plasma batteries. A pair of small energy torpedo tubes (of the same design as the Venlix's) are mounted on the forward hull, and it carries a number of missile racks. It has a solid network of point-defence systems – like the Essperila, the Aruisiki is expected to perform some operations without escort, though the smaller size of the vessel means these operations are not as common.