JAL301 Essperila Dreadnought

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Fleet scale

50.00mm x 159.90mm x 27.00mm

The Essperila Dreadnought is a huge vessel a mile long, and is considerably bigger than most superdreadnoughts, and even some fleet carriers. While not quite reaching the mammoth size of the Orc WarDreadnoughts, it makes up for the difference is speed, mobility and firepower. The Essperila is phenomenally fast for its size, having the same acceleration and agility as the Jalyrkieon’s cruisers. Very heavily shielded, it boasts an enormous wealth of weapons: extensive phased-plasma batteries, four shrapnel cannons to the fore and rear, missile tubes and two heavy energy torpedo tubes, as well as dozens of point-defence weapons. It further has its own local ECM protection.

The Essperila is the most common of the Jalyrkieon heavy vessels, and it is not uncommon to see more than one in a fleet group, or even operating independently – the amount of weaponry, protection and speed mean the need for escorts is much reduced.