JAL205 Riftev Tractor Cruiser

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Fleet scale

17.17mm x 55.65mm x 18.90mm

The Riftev Tractor Cruiser is a dedicated tractor beam specialist vessel not commonly seen in the Jalyrkieon starfleet. It is deployed during capture or salvage operations, often backed up by Arrifek Assault Shuttles from a carrier during the latter.

The Riftev’s primary operational function is achieved by the four large tractor emitters, each of which contains a dual emitter array. The compactness of Jalyrkieon phased-plasma weapons means it carries a not-inconsiderable secondary armament. The Riftev is plentifully provided with smaller phased-plasma arrays for point-defence or helping to strip a captured vessel of key systems once the shields and armour have been battered down.