Gotrek: Realmslayer (Audiobook)

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A Gotrek Gurnisson audio drama boxed set

The Slayer returns. Spat out of the Realm of Chaos after an eternity of battle, Gotrek Gurnisson finds himself in the unfamiliar surroundings of the Mortal Realms. With no axe, no oaths and no Felix, he sets out to find his place in this new universe…

Author: David Guymer

Running time 4 hours 15 minutes.

Performed by

  • Brian Blessed as Gotrek Gurnisson
  • John Banks
  • Steve Conlin
  • Vanessa Donovan
  • Matthew Hunt
  • Jonathan Keeble
  • Toby Longworth
  • Connie M'Gadzah
  • Penelope Rawlins
  • David Seddon
  • Joe Shire
  • Andrew Wincott