Gods And Mortals (Paperback)

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A Warhammer Age of Sigmar anthology

The storm has broken. Sigmar has returned to the Mortal Realms, and his eternal armies march across the lands, smiting the unworthy. This collection of short stories tells tales from the greatest battles of the realms.

This volume collects together 18 short stories - it's a must-read for anyone keen to know more about Warhammer Age of Sigmar.


  • The Dance of the Skulls & Obsidian by David Annandale
  • Blacktalon: Hunting Shadows by Andy Clark
  • Vault of Souls by Evan Dicken
  • Bear Eater, Force of Personality, Gods' Gift & The Hardest Word by David Guymer
  • Pantheon by Guy Haley
  • Callis & Toll: The Old Ways by Nick Horth
  • Pilgrim's Trial by Robbie MacNiven
  • Auction of Blood, Eight Lamentations: The Tainted Axe, The Library of Forgotten Moments, Order of the Fly: Tourney of Fate & The Road of Blades by Josh Reynolds
  • Gravesend Gold & The Witch Takers by C L Werner