GDH:D304 Delta Series Battleship

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General Hull Designs

(Herosine Empire)

46.41mm x 90.00mm x 15.70mm

The Delta Battleship is considerably larger than the smaller Battlecruiser; it is only about 10% smaller than the Delta Dreadnought. This makes it the much less frequently seen of the two due to the higher price tag. Most minor powers have neither the money nor the need for a vessel of this size. For those that can afford it, the Battleship is a reliable and robust hull suited for almost any purpose.

The stock Delta Battleship has above good speed for a Battleship, with 9.1mc and a respectable 93 MEUs. Armour with an AIC of 1600TXq is covered by 3200TXq rated shielding, giving it solid defences. A series of laser point-defence batteries of a net 1350TXq output complete the defences. The Battleship’s main selling point is the considerable array of lazer batteries, granting it a combined output of 2320TXq to any angle from the ship.

The most recent of the many Delta Battleship hulls to be used by the Herosine Imperial Fleet is the Carinus-I Battleship (CR-I/BS). The Carinus-I is equipped with cutting edge Herosine technology, including improved shields and 6th generation sensors, communications and hyperdrive.

The Carinus-I was first spotted in formation with the Trajan Optimus supercruiser in the 15th Naval Detachment, acting as an additional escort. To serve this purpose, it carries a powerful ECM array backed with no less than a total of 2425TXq lazer point-defence cannons and six Beta Screen Drones.

The weapons load is replaced with five disruptor batteries, totalling 1350 TXq in output. A six-tube missile launcher gives it some additional flexibility. The launcher is equipped with the Herosine’s latest 6th generation starship missiles – 48 760TXq-yield short-ranged antimatter missiles, 96 212TXq conventional missiles and 48 of the Herosine’s new point-defence missiles. These weapons have an engagement sphere of 113YM³ and carry a tripartite warhead with a 208TXq combined yield. While this missile salvo is relatively light on its own, in combination with the Trajan Optimus-I and the two accompanying Messalina-I Attack Cruisers, it makes for a devastating punch.