GDH:D302 Delta Superdreadnought

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General Hull Designs

(Herosine Empire)

66.00mm x 122.00mm x 18.31mm

The huge Delta Superdreadnought was the largest hull build by General Designs until the surprise appearance of the Trajan Optimus-I. It is a rare sight, since few of GDH's customers can afford such a large vessel. As such, there is no standard stock version and most of the produced hulls thus go to the Herosine Imperial Fleet, as the Empire's primary starship contractor.

The Herosine Imperial Fleet’s current superdreadnought is the Maximus Thrax (MT/SDN). In line with Herosine fleet doctrine, the Maximus Thrax is quite agile for its size, boasting 8.1mc acceleration and 91 MEUs. 5600TXq shields cover the hull, whose armour has an AIC of 2400TXq. A point-counter measures system backs up four lazer point-defence arrays totalling 1888 TXq. A dozen Screen Drones complete the defence.

For offense, the primary firepower comes from two fifteen-tube missile launchers, each with 120 convention 200TXq missiles and 80 750TXQ antimatter missiles. Direct-fire weapons come in the form of two forward-mount 325 TXq disruptor cannons are supplemented by multiple disrupter batteries totalling 1080TXq.

The new facilities at the Nathador Nebula brought with them another benefit. The Maximus Thrax Superdreadnought Upgrade Project provided a major overhaul of the Delta Superdreadnought hull, which was right on the previous limit of technology. While the first recipient of this overhaul is the Maximus Thrax, the base Delta hulls will also see a similar update.

The overhaul to the MT-I2/SDN is a significant enough that it cannot be applied to the existing hulls. A new, larger power core allows the Delta Superdreadnought hull to carry a larger mass for the same engine rating. While not strictly larger than the Delta Superdreadnought, the upgrade has more mass and has notably significantly more super-structures on the tiers, allowing for more weapons emplacements (in the case of the Maximus Thrax-I2, another 270TXQ disruptor battery. The internal structure, notably the crew quarters have commensurately more space as well. This comes at the expense of some loss of flexibility in modification. The improvements give the MT-I2/SDN a 7% increase in shield output.

The modifications come with a substantial increase in manufacturing cost and currently only the Nathador Nebula facility can produce the vessel. The older Delta SDN models have now ceased production, since clients with pockets deep enough to purchase one in the first place will be willing to pay the higher price, and so the upgraded superdreadnoughts remain the purview of special commissions or from the Herosine Empire fleet itself.