Age of Sigmar Forbidden Power (English)

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From the aftermath of the Necroquake, Sigmar's Stormvaults have been uncovered and the creation of arcane repositories has started to enclose the artefacts of terrible power from an age long past. These efforts to protect the artefacts have not gone uncontested and armies have started to assemble from across the Mortal Realms with the objective of claiming these forbidden relics for themselves, meanwhile in Shyish, the Great Necromancer is getting ready for the next stage of the Soul Wars...

This fantastic value box set contains an 88-page Forbidden Power book, a novel that tells the tale of the battle of the Midnight Tomb and includes the rules for recreating the armies that fought for Lethis, four/five new endless spells and a new scenery piece - the Penumbral Engine.

Age Of Sigmar: Forbidden Power kit includes;

  • 1x Core Rules booklet
  • 1x Forbidden Power Expansion Rule set, including,
    • Stormvault Campaign
    • Awakened Artefacts
    • Forbidden Power allegiance forces
      • Lethisian Defenders
        • Stormcast Eternals
        • Idoneth Deepkin
        • Kharadron Overlords
        • Fyreslayers
        • Excelsior Warpriests
      • Legion of Grief
        • Legion of Nagash
        • Nighthaunt
    • Mercenary Rules
  • 4x Endless spells
    • 1x Lauchon the Soulseeker
    • 1x Soulscream Bridge
    • 1x Horrorghast
    • 2x Shards of Valagharr 
  • 1x Scenery piece - the Penumbral Engine
  • 1x Sheet of double-sided gaming tokens