Detective Stories. History Edition - Kaifeng 982

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  • Do you like crime stories and mysterious investigations? Do you notice things that others don’t notice?

    Use the collected evidence and make your own investigation to bring the truth to light. The game is designed as a realistic crime case and requires investigations similar to those carried out by the criminal police in real life. Use your flair with Detective Stories!

    Betrayal, Insurgents, and a looming war…

    The discovery of an thousand year old ancient Chinese artifact shines new light on the assassination of Chancellor Lài – an event that changed the fate of the Xi Xia Empire forever. Professor Dan Silvers starts the search for the truth which has been buried since 982 AD.

    But alone in a foreig country he hits the wall – can you help his investigation from afar?

    The first in a series of detective games based on historical events which not